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Embroidery Schmroidery

At least not hemorrhoidery, RIGHT?! (Terrible jokes aside, crafting > hemorrhoids. No questions.) I find cross stitch stupendously easy. Follow the pattern with the little ‘x’ stitches and try not to make the back super messy. Or tangle the thread. But for the most part, easy peasy. Even for someone with perfectionist leanings. Embroidery, on the … Continue reading

Crafts / Vintage

Bookish Crafts #1

I’ve been delving in the world of crafting and cross stitching for the past few years, but lately my efforts have largely been book-themed. Pictures of the bookmarks I have made are forthcoming, but here’s a banner I made by stitching onto vintage library borrower cards. I’ve already ordered more of the cards from Etsy, … Continue reading

Books / GIFtastic / Mini Review

I laughed! I cried! I stayed at a coffee shop for 3 hours on a Friday night reading it! “Clearly, I Didn’t Think This Through” – A sorta review, mostly a celebration. Mostly in GIFs.

This is the book I read a couple weeks ago: I’ve been a fan of Anna Goldfarb for a couple of years, after I discovered her hilarious “blog about dating for people who would never read a blog about dating,” Shmitten Kitten, via The Frisky. What, you say? You’re not going to click on that link … Continue reading